Saturday, 19 March 2016

Best Online Betting Sites for Malaysia

If you  enjoy football betting online malaysia no doubt that scr888 is the best. They provide betting on Super League and Malaysia Cup football, as well AFC Champions League, AFC Cup and other Asian football competitions. Of course this  isn’t  all  Scr888 provides;  they  are  top UK  bookmaker  and likewise  have football  betting  online  malaysia on  English  Premier  League,  La  Liga,  and football  competitions  all  over the world. Their website  also functions well  on mobile phones and they provide in­play betting (live betting) on more matches than most every online bookie. Regarding they’re owned by the similar family that  owns  the  English  Premier  League  team  Stoke  City  FC,  and  have  been licensed since 1974, this is certainly a betting site you can trust.
Online Live SCR888 Casinos
Another  strong  option  is  They  have  decent  coverage  of Malaysian sports and the similar as Scr888 casino are a top UK bookmaker provideing betting  on  football  competitions  around  the  world.  All  these  two  sites  also provide  betting  in  Malaysia  ringgit  currency  (MYR).  For  Super  League, although,  not  any  other  Malaysian  football  matches,  is  the football betting online malaysia sites with the best odds. Just understand Betdaq is a betting exchange, not a bookie –and they do not accept Malaysian currency so you’ll need to gamble with them in Euros.

Finally,  if  you’re  only  betting  foreign  matches,  two  sites  certainly  worth regarding  are  Pinnacle  Sports  (best  odds  –  and  accepts  MYR  currency)  and Ladbrokes (no MYR currency – but very friendly to Malaysian clients). Using all  5  online  bookies mentioned  here  and shopping the  odds is  a  great way to improve your opportunities at making a benefit betting sports.

Understanding Decimals Odds

The  one  and  only  downside  to  using European  bookies from  Malaysia  is  the odds format is different. In Malaysia bookies use what’s referred to  as Malay Odds. At Euro betting sites the odds are nameed European odds, also nameed decimal odds. Decimal odds represent how much you’ll be returned on a winning bet. So for instance  if  the  odds  are  1.80  and  you  bet  RM100  you’ll  get  back RM100*1.8=RM180, of that RM100 was your stake and RM80 is your benefit. Keep in mind unlike Malay odds there is no positive or negative figure. When betting a heavy underdog the odds may be 2.50. Again, if you bet RM100 the payout  is  RM100*2.5=RM250  of  which  RM100  was  your stake  and RM150 your  interest.  Had  we  used  Malay  odds  instead,  2.50  decimal  odds  are  the similar  odds  as ­0.67 Malay. This  will  take  a  little  getting  used  to,  but  again Euro  bookies  are  much  more  secure  for  Malaysians  to  use  than  their  Asian bookie counterpart.

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