Monday, 29 February 2016

Why does Gambling cause financial loss?

Almost people know that casinos and gambling forms which performed to bring financial benefit to Bookie but not everyone can understand clearly how it happened. Actually, Casino uses 2 methods to take financial benefits though long-time:

- Casino keeps percent of all betting money or playing.

- In gambling forms, casino controllers make the thing which be called advantage point to Bookie.

1. Casino keeps percent of all betting money or playing

This method is so simple. Example, in the way of playing drawing number 50/50, half of money received will be given to organizer (typically is a charity association or sport team), and the half other will be given to people who have winning number. The big number tickets such as Lotto 6/49 and Super 7 still perform similarly – Casino keeps about 50% all ticket selling money and the other will be divided to winning prizes. In all ticket which has big bounty, almost winning money is for Jackpots which have been advertised everywhere and the other is divided to small prizes.

The scraping or tearing tickets are in this form. The value of all winning tickets is always lower than ticket selling money in total. This thing makes Casino takes some percents in total ticket selling money. Even lotto is the same, the selling money is always more than paying money.

So, the basic here is, casino will take some remuneration to create and manage the games not for competing with players. In these gambling games in next part, casino competes with players but you still guess that competition is not based on fair.

2. Casino makes the things which be called the advantages of Bookie.

The way casino makes money by gambling forms which be not simple like the way of making money in each betting money or total selling tickets as above. Even so, the final result will be similar – casino will make money. To understand these gambling game perform, you need to get acquainted with important factor of gambling, that is : the advantages of Bookie

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