Tuesday, 9 August 2016

They way to start and enjoy the Highway King slot game

Do you want to get ten thousand coins in the king's highway slot game, it is not impossible. PlayTech company does not skimp for their players, and give them a chance to win some money. This will help you in the game five reels and five lines for payment. We can say that this is the standard video slot game, but it is not. Here you will find interesting topics that will interest everyone, because you will be here Road King. And how you will to victory and success.
How to start the Highway King?
To do this, you will be in aid of forty one winning combination, and you certainly can get acquainted with them and also open up their services. But first of all of course know from the beginning. You will be offered a payment schedule. Player he can always find all the combinations in this slot machine and see him pay for his guaranteed. If you have decided what game you better just start the game, then go into the online casino and you will see the highway king slot game, where you will be asked to play a real or free.

 If you do not believe in their abilities, and just want to try to play without a loss, then select the demo version. In it you will play, getting acquainted with the rules, with characters who are waiting for you, and do not forget about the strategy of the game. After all, it is the key to victory. If you would not think about it, and blindly make their bets, it will not lead you to victory. If you decide to play real, if you go in the game, and select how many lines you need. In the game after the choice is made to do their bidding. This slot offers a flexible system of betting, that is, from one cent to five coins. You can play with the big money, and do not rush and do little.
Special characters and symbols
For a book on the king's highway slot, you can put a maximum of nine coins. After betting you can start spinning drum, you only need to click on the start. During the game, you will encounter a variety of characters that will bring you to win going in combination. The characters are all themed, they will be connected to the highway, with cars and spare parts to it. Apart from the usual pictures, you will meet with the characters that expensive. The wild symbol in the game is the image of a red truck. This symbol has the ability to separate, it can replace any image in the game for the player is able to lie down and get a combination of fee schedule. But it can not substitute for the scatter symbol and the bonus symbol. Scatter symbol in the game will be the image of spark plugs, they are in this game will bring a definite advantage in the amount of which will depend on the number of characters in the game open.

Bonus slot game offers players slots of the highway, to try their chance. Your task in the bonus round, pick a number 40-9, only five appreciated that you seem advantageous. Thereafter, it is determined whether the winning number.
If you are lucky and you have selected the correct figure, in this case, you have broken the progressive jackpot. Play the highway King slot game, you are king of the road, and you can definitely bring home a decent amount of winnings.

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