Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Monkey Thunderbolt- How to beat this slot game?

Summary: Read on this new article to discover the ways on how to beat the Monkey

Thunderbolt slot game and earn some money from that.

Owing to the modern technology, the casino games have become popular rapidly and there

are a lot of players all over the world enjoying these casino games every day.

Monkey Thunderbolt is one of the most popular slot games in Malaysia. It can be played in

many casinos as well as websites, and one of these casinos I want to introduce in this article

is the Mas889.

This slot game is inspired from a legendary story in China. A long time ago, people thought

monkey that was the only species that can get to the sky. At this time, there was a race

among all the monkeys to search for a leader who will be the Thunderbolt King and then rule

the world in 100 years. The first monkey who could reach the top of the sky must have been

the lightest monkey. In this race, all the monkeys had to overcome so many difficulties that

could make them be out of this race.

If you are in this Monkey Thunderbolt slot game and of course, you want to win it, there will

be some things you have to remember when playing. At first, as the capital in this slot game

is RM100, you need to make a bet of $ 100 per bet. Secondly, make a bet of RM1 at the

RM100, RM125 and RM175. After that, you should keep betting to get the winning. on

average, you will need over 15 times of continuous betting in this slot game. Thirdly, do all of

these above steps until you can get a winning one of your bets. For instance, in the Monkey

Thunderbolt game, if you won $ 100, you would be able to win RM100 once again. in case

that you have finished at Step 3, follow all of these tips again as your chances to win will be

higher. After that, let's move to the next step. In case that you have finished all of three tips

above, you could try placing your bet on any of the other levels like RM2, RM3, etc.

Unlike other slot games that you often see in ground-based casinos, Monkey Thunderbolt is

likely to be more of a virtual game, which is similar to Motor and King's Derby. Along with the

high payouts, this slot game has been enjoyed by thousands of players in Malaysia who

often hope to win big awards winning bet with smaller amount. The aim of Mas889 is to be a

gamblers leader in providing the best user-friendly graphics, the best gaming experience as

well as the secure and safe gaming environment. Thus, playing the Monkey Thunderbolt in

Mas889 casino will surely give the players a great time of playing as well as an amazing

experience. In addition to this, Mas889 casino tries to offer its members to make bets in its

own currency and language on the secure net base as well. This is also applied for players

who play Monkey Thunderbolt. There are a variety of chances to win, bonuses and the best

convenience for players at all.
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