Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Why many players choose Highway king slot

This is article introduces the reasons why players should play this slot game even though it is a simple game. 

Before you begin playing the highway king slot game, you should know that this slot game is a simple 5 reel and 9 pay line slot machine. With only scatter and wild symbols, you will not find out a single feature of the bonus game to boost up the entertainment. This is not really a bad point. If there is anything that you can look forward from Playtech software company, it will be special features. So how do we expect with this “simple” slot game machine?
Its betting range is friendly, ranging from 0.09 to 9 per spin. Where this Highway King slot game has a little the drawback is the fact that the theme is a little lazy. The top 3 paying symbols are the exactly same trucks which painted in yellow, red and green.
Besides, it is also a simple bright and colorful theme, and in case that you are able to ignore the little laziness, there will be some reasons for you to continue to enjoin this slot game. They are paying in both ways which means that it can pay from left to right as well as right to left over the 9 pay lines together with the big jackpot winning.
Highway King casino slot game lifts itself up in the game play. Since the fact that it is a high-volatility slot game; therefore, it also has a great jackpot that is lying under in the reels. Moreover, it also pays both ways as well. So, while you often have to wait for a lot of spins to be done, the action here is quite fast.
And this also means that most of 3 or 4 symbol winnings are regularly below your spin betting; but at least you will not have a feeling that this Highway King slot game is swallowing your slot playing money very quickly. Although you will have to manage your budget carefully in case that you want a chance at these 5 Red trucks that shows up in the line with a wild that will double the winning. A 2,222x of your betting is worth continuing to enjoin this slot game.

Dollar ball jackpot

Moreover, in the Highway King slot game, when it comes to the challenge the Red Truck, this challenge will come along with other symbols that are really crucial for driving, such as steering wheel, tire and other driving icons. Each of these icons will go with different meanings to award your wins. In additionally, the Dollar Ball progressive jackpot option is available as well since you can strive for a reward. At the up right corner of the reels, you will be able to play the lottery. You have to select 5 out of total 49 numbers, in case that your luck makes you match all of the 5 selected numbers and you will hit the jackpot.
A simple slot game together with wilds as well as scatters and a common theme, Highway King slot game still has a little to suggest it. From paying both sides to a big jackpot, there are some actions on these reels. The game is available at G3M online betting malaysia.

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